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Group photo of company personel infront of the office building.

The Team

Crystal Bioscience is the premier next-generation antibody discovery platform company. We have achieved this through the use of proprietary technology that allows us to access the broad repertoire of avian species in a fully human format. Crystal Bioscience is comprised of a team of talented individuals whose collective expertise covers a surprisingly wide range of technical capabilities and scientific knowledge. Core values include mutual support and open communication to accomplish corporate goals. Our success relies on people that like to work together.

The company was established in 2008 and is based in Emeryville, CA. We are entering a growth phase and are looking for talented and enterprising scientists who share our vision and will strive with us to redefine the biotechnology landscape.

Careers And Job Opportunities

Postdoctoral Researcher

We are seeking post-doctoral researchers to join us as we bring our most recent platforms to the marketplace. These positions offer a unique opportunity to translate our emerging assets in avian immunology and genetics into best-in-class therapeutics. In addition to providing numerous partnering opportunities for the company, the HuMab Chicken also creates the opportunity for Crystal to discover and develop its own therapeutic antibody pipeline. You will be guided by an experienced team and given responsibility for spearheading this effort for a chosen target/indication.

Successful candidates will have a foundation in immunology and a capacity to take new ideas to the next level of innovation. As part of a dedicated and dynamic team, you will be challenged to demonstrate the attributes of Crystal’s antibody discovery platform to both the scientific community and the biotechnology industry. If you are looking for an opportunity to make the transition from academia to hands-on biotechnology, we would like to receive your application.

  • PhD in Biological Sciences (molecular emphasis)
  • strong desire to accomplish something great
  • scientifically fearless
  • skilled and prolific at the bench
  • works effectively independently and in teams
  • Research Associate (multiple positions open)

    Crystal Bioscience has plans to expand our technical staff significantly in 2017. New openings include RA level positions appropriate for recent BA/BS graduates with laboratory experience (beyond coursework alone) in molecular and cellular biology and/or biochemistry. Duties include cloning of recombinant antibodies from transgenic animals, preparation of DNA for transfection, expression of antibodies and other proteins in mammalian cell culture, and antibody purification and characterization.

    Crystal is an innovative company that offers an excellent opportunity for highly motivated individuals to begin a career in biotechnology. You will be working with an experienced team, learning state of the art methods. You will be challenged by a variety of tasks that will require a wide range of skill sets. Our environment is one where you will be relied upon to work independently as well as contribute towards group goals. We expect you to become an essential component of our staff, and not just a role player. To the extent that you are successful in this you will be rewarded with ample opportunities for advancement as our company grows.

    Director of Animal Resources/Genetics

    Crystal Bioscience is an industry leader in antibody discovery. Our preeminent position is gained through delivery of novel therapeutic candidates emanating from our proprietary HuMab chickens and GEM screening system (see We are currently seeking a creative individual to co-ordinate and manage the welfare of our unique lines of HuMab chickens. The successful candidate will assume responsibility for the following areas.

  • Animal management, maintaining health and welfare of the flock and monitoring of disease.
  • Close interaction with antibody and molecular teams to ensure on-time execution of Crystal Bioscience’s corporate goals.
  • Organizing genetic resources to produce HuMab birds for antibody discovery campaigns.
  • Co-ordinate production of new genetic lines through the creation of chimeras,
  • Optimize breeding programs for existing and future HuMab lines
  • Evaluate potential applications of advances in genomics, sequencing and associated technologies within Crystal Bioscience
  • Maintenance and improvements of a complex animal database.
  • Maintenance of optimal animal performance through appropriate nutritional regimes, photoperiods, insemination and incubation.
  • Compliance with regulatory agencies such as OSHA, OLAW, IACUC and other agencies that may regulate and/or monitor activities at Crystal Bioscience
  • Ensuring the health and welfare of the birds by implementation and execution of biosecurity measures and programs to mitigate potential disasters, including maintenance of a cryobank and off-site nucleus flocks.
  • Maintenance and preventative maintenance of all equipment for housing, breeding, brooding and incubation of birds, including overseeing the physical aspects of the animal facility.
  • Supervision, education and monitoring of all personnel working directly with the birds.
  • Emergency response when notified of electrical/mechanical/HVAC failure
  • Qualifications: MSc, DVM or PhD with a strong research background and management skills. Experience with poultry, animal breeding and/or management of genetic resources is desired. This position requires you to live in the vicinity of Emeryville CA. Expressions of interest and resumes should be sent to