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Your Success Is Our Success

Forging relationships with partners is at the core of the Crystal Bioscience business model and we approach each project as a collaboration. Before the start of the project, we take time to understand your goals and to develop a discovery strategy with you to obtain those goals. The screening process during the discovery phase is fluid and can be adjusted to incorporate new developments and give you the best panel of antibodies to move forward with.

We provide access to our technology platform as well as perform associated research to meet our clients’ project goals. In some cases, we may co-develop therapeutic antibodies against selected targets.

Timeline: In general program antibodies are delivered ~12 weeks after the start of immunization.

We Welcome Partnerships In The Following Areas

1) Antibody discovery programs using wild-type chickens. These antibodies are ready for immediate application as diagnostic and reagent antibodies. They can be formatted as chicken scFv or chimeric IgG (e.g. chicken/human, chicken/murine or chicken/other). The variable regions can also be humanized for therapeutic applications.

2) Antibody discovery programs using our proprietary HuMab transgenic chickens to generate panels of fully human antibodies for therapeutic application. Technology access is on a target by target basis and coupled with highly customized research plans to meet the goals of our collaborators.

3) Development of transgenic chickens featuring alternative scaffold binding proteins. The combination of genetic engineering technologies and innovations in the field of alternative scaffolds offers new opportunities for in vivo systems to select binding proteins by affinity maturation. We are currently seeking technology partners to develop unique transgenic animal assets.

Assets For Partnering

Panels Of Antibodies To The Following Targets Available For Evaluation And/Or Partnership:

  • B-2 adrenergic receptor, antagonists
  • BDNF, antagonists
  • CCR5, blockers
  • DR4, DR5 (cross-reactive or monospecific), agonists
  • Interleukin13, x-reactive
  • Kv1.3, antagonist
  • NY-ESO
  • P2X3, antagonists
  • PAR1, antagonists
  • PCSK9, drug-like
  • Progranulin, x-reactive
  • tTG

Programs In Progress:

  • CD3
  • Her1/Her3 cross reactive
  • interleukin-2
  • Nav1.8
  • PD-1
  • Tim-3